Webkinz Codes Cheats Tips Secrets And Kinzcash


So you finally got your favorite webkinz toy and now it’s time to create the perfect home for your little virtual guy (or girl). There are rooms and a yard to be bougth, all of which of course need to be furnished. And you might want to get some clothes for your pet, not to mention food or the occasional trip to the doctor.

If you’ve been a part of webkinz world for any amount of time, you quickly realize that it’s pretty easy to spend your hard earn cash. Now it’s time to make some more so you (or your kid) can go on the next shopping spree.

How to make a lot of KinzCash
Webkinz tips, hints, and strategies for making a lot of KinzCash in Webkinz World.

Play Cash Cow

You enjoy playing your favorite Webkinz world arcade games for fun and for KinzCash, but not all games are created equal. Some games pay a lot more KinzCash than others. Cash Cow is a favorite. It is easy to play and pays a good amount without spending a lot of time at it. Try to maximize “Bonuses”, you receive those by clearing the board before going to the next level.

Play Tile Towers

Another game in Webkinz Arcade is Tile Towers. It’s comparable MahJong, not easy to master, but once you get the hang of it can pay off pretty well. To complete the first level you automatically win a whopping $48 in Kinz Cash.

Play Quizzy’s Trivia Games

If you need to earn KinzCash fast to buy your favorite Webkinz a new TV or add on by buying a yard or new room go to Quizzy’s. These are trivia style questions separated by age brackets, then further divided into subject categories. You can earn $1-5 KinzCash per question.

Play Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles

If you like to play two person games head to Tournament Arena in Webkinz World. Play Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles. If you are the winner you can earn $75-80 Webkinz Cash!

Play Quizzy’s Word Challenge

If you are good at spelling you definitely should try Quizzy’s Word Challenge in the Webkinz arcade. Maximize your points by having your last letter of your word end in the center square as often as possible.

Check Out Webkinz Daily Events and Hourly Events

Check out the Webkinz Daily events! There are hourly events that start at 4:00pm on the weekdays and 9:00am on the weekends. There are sale items, special games, extra turns at daily events, and free items. The daily events are Webkinz activities that can help you win extra KinzCash. Those activities are the Wishing Well, the Wheel of Wow, Bingoz Ballz, and Mining at the Curio Shop. You can win W shop coupons, food for your Webkinz, and various amounts of KinzCash. Don’t forget to use your W shop coupons at the W shop to help you save on more expensive Webkinz items.

Give Daily KinzCare Award

Don’t forget to go to “My Pets” daily and give your webkinz their daily KinzCare Award. You earn an additional $5 KinzCash each day you visit, plus your Webkinz pet gets a happiness boost. If you visit 7 days in a week you and your Webkinz are entered into a drawing to win a webkinz special prize.

Visit and Play at Employment Office

The employment office in Webkinz World gives you a choice of jobs to do and you can visit only once every 8 hours. The more jobs you do the more KinzCash you can receive. Fence Painting and Hamburger Cook are a few of the easiest. When you complete a job you earn $50 KinzCash instantly. The more you do a job the more difficult it gets as you increase levels, but you earn more KinzCash in each level.

If you browse through the Internet, you will find plenty of people claiming that they are aware of plenty of Webkinz cheats that you can use for things such as getting more Kinzcash. If you want to use any of these cheats, that is entirely up to you. You should be aware, however, that you will be taking a bit of a risk if you decide to use these cheats because Ganz has made it quite clear that they are opposed the use of these cheats.

One the Ganz website, you will even find an official statement from Ganz. Within this statement, the company states that it is aware that some of its members are trying to use certain “tools” in order to cheat on the site. The company goes on to say that using cheats is considered to be an attempt to circumvent the security set up on the system and, as such, it is considered a violation of the User Agreement.

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  1. webkinz is the best!! i playy on mine a lot because the games are so fun, and you earn a lot on kinzcash doing that. i do enjoy webkinz because my webkinz pers are so cute and i love creating my house and just earning kinzcash in general. webkinz is fun because you can really take care of your pets and have fun!!! -leanna

  2. webkinz are so cool but dont tell anyone
    but im in middle school and i still like it
    do not tell anyone if you do tell someone
    i wil be so mad.

  3. webkinz is the best i have about 400,000,00 i play a lot so u should to so u can win money like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If you want kc ill give it to you using a cheat i found! Ill give you say around.

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