Webkinz Pet Fight Causes 5 Year Old To Fall 25 feet

Webkinz A 5 year old girl it lucky to be alive after a fight over a Webkinz frog caused her to be pushed from a 25 ft high balcony.

The 5 year old girl and her 8 year old sister were playing on the back deck of their grandfather’s home on Lake Wylie in South Carolina Friday late afternoon. The younger girl stood up on a chair near the edge of the deck to keep her sister from taking away her prized Webkinz pet frog. In the struggle for the Webkinz the 5 year old was pushed over the edge.

The large home on the lake is 4 stories tall at the back of the house. The paramedics estimated her fall at 25 ft. When they arrived the girl was lying unconscious in a large grass hedge on her side. The adults present did not remove her in fear of worsening her injuries.

As soon as the medical team tried to move her she became conscious and started to cry. The 5 year old was released from the local hospital with only bruising and a few grass cuts but she had no major injuries.

Webkinz Pets are very popular with kids right now but I think I would have had to let my older sister have it before taking a 25 ft headed off the back balcony.

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