How To Stop Sony RX100 IV Viewfinder From Shutting Down Camera When Closed

By default when you close the viewfinder on your Sony RX100 IV the camera will shut itself down. Unlike the RX100 III there is a way now to stop the camera from doing this.

If you take a look there is now a menu setting in the new RX100 that will let us stop the auto shutdown feature.
turn off RX100 iv veiw finder

1. Open menu

2. Go to suitcase and screen sub-menu 2

3. Select ‘Function for VR close’

4. Select ‘Not Power Off’

5. Tap menu button again to back out

RX100 iii stop camera shutdown

Your Sony RX100 IV camera and it’s 4K video goodness will now not shut down when you close the viewfinder to use the LCD screen again. I hope that helps people out with the issue you may have.
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