Dynasty Warriors 6 Cheats Tips Hints And Codes – Xbox 360

Warriors 6
Dynasty Warriors 6 is based on the epic novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the genre defining series depicts the massive battles ignited by the fall of the Han Dynasty when three rebellious states moved to overthrow the Emperor of China.

Xbox 360 Dynasty Warriors 6 Unlockable: Second Costume

An officer unlocks his/her second costume upon reaching level 25.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Unlockable: Voice Gallery

An officer who reaches level 50 (the maximum level) will unlock his/her voice gallery.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Unlockable: Movie Player

Clearing Musou mode with one of the 17 officers who are available for that mode will unlock the CG movie player.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Unlockable: Difficulties

Clearing Musou mode once with any officer will unlock Expert. Clearing Musou mode with at least one officer from all factions (Wei, Wu, Shu, and Unaffiliated/Other) will unlock Chaos difficulty.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Unlockable: Lu Bu

To unlock the character Lu Bu, complete Mussuo Mode with the following characters: Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian, and Diao Chan.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Hint: Unlocking New Officers

Finish the mission targets to unlock new characters. This can be done in musou mode or free mode.

Xbox 360 Dynasty Warriors 6 Hint:
Extra Height
Some officers can get a little bit more height from their jumps. Use a Strong attack while in the air to get a little more height. With practice, you can get most officers past some high fences the horse can’t clear.

Since you can always summon a horse from anywhere (it teleports), you can use this to get across certain maps.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Hint: Achievements

All the achievements are secret, but they are all relatively simple. Get the majority of the achievements by unlocking new officers (just complete mission targets on Easy or Normal) and by completing the Musou mode with each officer (on any difficulty).

Additionally, there are achievements for completing all the mission targets and clearing all the stages.

Clear Musou mode with all the available officers (solo or co-op doesn’t matter, but all the officers available in Musou mode need to clear it). Additionally, all officers need to attain level 50 (which effectively maxes out their skill trees).

Lastly, take first place in the records for all challenges (in Challenge Mode): Rampage, Sudden Death, Speed Run, Havoc, and Gauntlet.

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