Free Auto Insurance Quotes Given At Strip Club

Strip Club Two men in Gastonia N.C have opened a gentleman’s club that will let you in free if you sit down with them first and get a free auto insurance quote. This is the oddest new way I have heard to get an easy free captive audience.

The men are both retired Insurance salesman and were looking for an exciting hobby. Jim Mason and friend Danny Radson discovered that their other common interest after retiring was going to gentleman’s clubs. Mason talked Radson into investing in the new idea and now as far as they know are the only insurance / men’s club in the state.

Mason says they will allow anyone over the age of 21 into their club for free if the first sit down for 15 minute in there office and get a free auto insurance quote.

Mason said “we have already sold 23 new policy’s in the first two weeks of being open. I have been very happy with the number of people willing to come in and get a insurance quote”. If they don’t want to talk about insurance they are still very welcome to come on down to see the girls. I love my new job added Radson.

I don’t blame them for loving their new semi-retirement jobs. What 50+ year old men don’t like being surrounded by 25 year old beautiful women.

Source The Gaston Gazet.

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