Glossy Or Matte LCD Screen Which Is Best

Glossy Or Matte LCD Screen I am either going to get a new laptop or purchase a new LCD monitor for my desktop computer. Which type of screen is the best, glossy or matte finish?

Answer: Each type of screen has its pluses and minuses , which is why most manufacturers give you a choice of both. Glossy screens will produce an image that generally has more color depth and vibrancy. The downside, glossy screens tend to produce more glare, light from windows and light bulbs cause reflections. And they will show off fingerprints and smudges much more readily.

Matte screens tend deal with glare better because of the polarized coating over the glass that helps diffuses ambient light. Some of the side effects of a matte finish is a more narrow viewing angle, light blurring, and reduced contrast.

Environment and personal preference will determine which is best for you. If the screen is going to be in a room that’s mostly dark, consider a glossy finish. In a controlled lower light environment it offers a best-case picture. Don’t be too afraid of a matte finish. Most people use their screens in mixed light where the minor viewing quality loss is offset by the anti-reflective benefit.

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  1. I just bought a glossy LCD monitor to replace my Matte one. I must say the colors are better and everything is more crisp. As the article states, I now have to avoid having lights on behind me because of the glare. Then again, when I used to use a glass CRT screen the same issue existed. I think I’ll keep my glossy LCD monitor, to me, it will be hard to switch back to matte knowing what I’ll be missing out on.

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