This Is Why You Never Pee On Your Playstation

Laramie,WY-(Sat. 12th) Saturday night’s off campus party near the University of Wyoming ended abruptly with a trip to the local hospital for one drunk student.

With 20 plus friends invited over to break in his new Playstation 3 Gary Wells had the makings of a great Saturday night college party. Friday Wells purchased his new Playstation at the local Wal-Mart in town and made plans for a few friends to come over the next night for a party.

Wells had been talking to his buddies about toping off the evening by destroying his old Playstation 2. With his recent upgrade to a new video game console he no longer needed the old one and wanted to send it off with a bang. He decided on having a drawing at the party and the winner would get to decide the demise of the Playstation.

At 11pm Wells’ party had now become a drunk fest and he said he had almost forgotten about the drawing. Everyone gathered around in the living room where the old Playstation was still attached to a small TV in the corner. Each person put their name on a small piece of paper and threw it into a bowl. Wells reached in and pulled out the winner. Mike Post , one of Wells’ best friends was the one.

Post was now so intoxicated he could barely stand. After the announcement Post without hesitation walked over to the Playstation and started urinating on it. For a moment everyone just laughed said student Amy Dixon. The mood quickly changed when Post fell to the floor unconscious. Not thinking about the video game console being still plugged in Post had just come close to electrocution.

After almost 10 seconds of being unconscious Post came to and was then taken to Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie. He was released the next day with no major injuries.

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  1. see you shouldnt abuse electronics they fight back. hasnt anyone seen that wierd movie with all the machines takeing over with the damn 18 wheeler with the elf head on the front?for christ sakes what do they teach kids these days

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