Mygica USB-C ATSC Digital TV Tuner Review Android Phones And Devices

Mygica USB-C ATSC Digital TV Tuner Review
Mygica USB-C ATSC Digital TV Tuner Review Android Phones And Devices. Ever want to watch TV while on the go? Phone TV tuners will let you watch your local sports games while out at the park, mall or other place you might be chillin at.

The MyGica PT682C works in United States, Canada, South Korea, Mexico as well as any country that can receives ATSC/ Clear QAM programs broadcast over the air (OTA).

Basic functions of the Mygica USB-C ATSC Digital TV Tuner:
Watch Live Free-To-Air TV Stations & Change Channels at Will
Playback Your Recorded TV Shows in Full Recorded Definition
Rewind & Fast Forward Live TV Shows w/Time-Shift Recording
View EPG to check for TV Program Guide; FREE App Included
Record Free-To-Air TV Shows & Save Them to Your Mobile Device

This MyGica digital TV tuner/receiver brings you free live TV. It serves as a simple antenna to pick up locally broadcasted television stations directly, it requires absolutely nothing else besides for a but of power provided by your mobile device. It doesn’t use any of your data allowance or airtime. In fact, it works perfectly even if your device has no Internet connection. This means you can get TV even when hiking or camping out of the reach of cell towers.

Thanks to Tuber Antenna Man for the great review.

You can find the Mygica USB-C tuner here for the lowest price with free shipping.

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