World Of Warcraft Player Claims A Bounty On His Head In And Out Of Video Game

Electronics and computer video game chat can cause trouble. Please watch what you say to people online. PC games are just that, games.

Mexico City, Mexico-(MH)-Mexican World of Warcraft player Bronco Carson reported to local police on Saturday that 3 men broke into his home and beat his arms with clubs and smashed his computer. It was supposedly in retaliation for Carson stalking and repeatedly killing one of the attackers wife’s character during computer video game play.


Carson admitted to police that he had been “making it hard for her to get far in the game.” He said that after repeated online threats from the woman, she sent her husband and friends over to his house to “take care of him.” Carson later said that he had made the mistake of telling her where he lived and “if her husband was man enough to just come meet me to settle this.”
2 weeks leading up to the assault he said he had been harassed by a few characters constantly during game play. “I knew that I might be messed with in the game but I didn’t really expect her husband to come looking for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

Carson suffered 2 broken fingers and a fractured wrist during the assault. They also destroyed his computer and entertainment center before leaving. No arrests have been made in connection with the assault.

38 thoughts on “World Of Warcraft Player Claims A Bounty On His Head In And Out Of Video Game

  1. Are you F**KING kidding me!?!?!?!?

    Animals. These people need to turn in their “Humans from Earth” cards and go live with Australian dingos.


  2. I wonder if those orcs collected any gold and how much xp they gained from the raid.

  3. That f*ck deserved every beating he got. Stalking, provocation, insults etc. had he been doing that IRL he had a bullet in his head.

    Don’t start something you can’t finish!

    Btw, the ones who doesn’t like the IRL violence part – note that that wanker actually asked to get f*cked up, left out his address and all.

  4. Obviously this is too much, but on the internet people can be jerks with no consequences. it’d be nice if every punk had just a little bit of fear when hiding behind the internet.

  5. Wow anyone stupid enough to give out their address to complete strangers is asking for trouble. But at the same time no matter how annoying ganking is, rl violence to retaliate usually equals hard time. Equally stupid. So all around idiots.

  6. Its pretty funny. But theres no reason to actually beat someone for a videogame. Its like that story about that kid beating someone in Madden and getting shot for it, no reason.

  7. I think you are all wrong. Ganking is straight up hilarious in game, and if this retard gives out his information.. he deserved his beating. What a moron. And so are you all. And that comment about being a warlock? Retarded. Locks can suck my big nuts.

  8. Funny though. They will be found and prosecuted. He will sue and win some money. In game jerk wins after all lol

  9. Ficking bitch lady just cause she couldnt play warcraft without constanly being ganked.Anyone who would get so pissed over a game needs some serious help. The husband and his “buddies” will probably be charged with
    assault and property damage, but I don’t know what the laws are in mexico. (Maybe she has to become his maid or give him 78 chickens.)
    Who knows? 😛

  10. IMO this woman deserved the ganking.. She obviously reacts so strongly it’d be even more fun ganking her.

    Well.. TBH, Its boring to gank. In the game there are so much more meaningful things to do. Or better yet, do something IRL. 🙂

  11. umm yea he got ganked in Rl shit happens lawl he should L2 level his defence and agility in RL what a nub

  12. I love this story, so, so, so, SO much.

    Personally, I think it’s hot.

    Guys who stand up for their girl = Attractive.

    Guys who go way over the top defending their girl = The greatest guys EVER.

    Seriously, I might just sound like some nut here – but as a girl I really do think it’s absolutely wonderful.

    Sure hope the sweet guys didn’t get into trouble though, and that the pathetic one cant afford a new computer. Seriously, I hate people who talk all big online.

  13. yeah, because having come round and beat the shit out of you for doing it once, there would be no conceivable way they’d come back and do it to you again/worse if kept it up.

    Nice thinking there internet tough man JVD, that said brilliant work from those 3 guys. They should form some kind of elite crime fighting team that goes around beating the shit out of everybody who likes to act like a tard online, spoil other peoples fun and get away with it because of the anonymity the net provides.

    I’d buy their book and watch their tv show.

  14. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.
    Ganked IRL hahahaha thats real funny Eithiele.

    “he had made the mistake of telling her where he lived”

    hang on? i thought you guys cant speak to the enemy apart from to say KEK or something? lololol

    i Love it

  15. That is the dumbest thing i ever heard of. Who the hell would QQ so hard to get their own husband and his friends to beat up this guy cause hes been ganking her. She is such a WoW nerd because this guy is killing her while “Farming motes” or doing quests and she could’ve just hearthed or something. And how did she talk to him, ganking by the other faction, how would she tell him? If he gave her his address on Vent thats the dumbest fucking thing i ever heard

  16. Psycojester, that is the most awesome premise for a TV show I have ever heard. I would buy that on collector edition DVD.

    I wish I could have seen his face as they beat up his scrawny RL noob body. Should have worked on his RL DPS. Loser.

  17. OMFG he must be the dumbest guy ever,rofl Bobbygiggles the only way he could possibly tell her his address is on vent so he’s just plane stupid.

    I wonder why he has american name and he lives in mexico

  18. *Insert hysterical laughing here*
    Wow!! XD
    Just WOW! XD

    That lil’ moron got owned.
    Maybe if more people did this to stupid fucks like the guy ganking her on WoW the internet wouldn’t be such a popular place to be a douchebag!

    …And seriously… Giving your address out on WoW?! He should’ve expected it. WoW is FAMOUS for shit like this.

    Ganking is retarted IMO. It’s a fairly rewardless aspect of gameplay that does nothing but piss people off most of the time. They should rework it so that it actually serves a good purpose. :/

  19. wow … u are all little bitches…. u wanan fight me ingame or in real life … ingame snorab on server cenarius and in real life … 6119 penedoway calgary canada!

  20. If the ganking guys get pulled to court I’m sure they’ll get away with only paying the tard some golds in-game. =P

  21. How do all these beakers afford computers and the 15 dollars a month. In Mexico can they just give blizzard chickens and pebbles

  22. they were both wrong to commute to the situation. he should not have harassed her and she should not have taken it personally. i play wow and i know there are some mean people on the game but there are also nice people and ways to block out the mean people.

  23. Idiots. All of them. I can’t wait for the Earth to become so overpopulated with fools that governments are forced to castrate people like this.

  24. omg this made my day… who is retarded enough to say his address in a videogame to a totally unknown person…but seriously, the guys shouldn´t have taken it personal, i think that wife is a childish girl, like “dear he´s killing me ingame!!! do something!!” what a bunch of idiots oh and to WutTaFux: well my racist friend the mexican blizzard server costs 10 bucks a month (suck that) and if you´re wondering, yes i´m mexican so what?

  25. first off… the guy was rather foolish to give his address to anyone in game.

    Second, if this guy had been harassing someones wife in real life it would be just as likely the husband would beat the guys ass anyways. By ‘calling him out’ it would of been pretty much assured in a RL situation.

    Third, the region where the crime took place may not have time to deal with a simple assault. The sheer volume of people in Mexico City is staggering.

    in the end this is a case of stupid people being stupid…

  26. Well. All i can Say to those Dude’s Who did that is. U Guys are so lucky that he dont have a brother Like me. If i was in the house and see 3 dudes come knock on my door and hit my brother I will personally shoot u in the legs and Beat the shit out of ur face.Cause i cary a gun in my house.
    First i will shoot u in the legs cause u are on Private Property. Second i will beat u untill ur Eye’s Pop out cause u Hit my brother.

  27. um thats what guns are for? Should of just shot and killed all of them when they broke in.

  28. I do not favor violence but I am glad that this harasser did not go with impunity. Harassment is not a joke, not even in a game.

    I have played the game and I know some players that just play the game to be able to harass people with impunity. There is nothing else they do all day long.

    Some may say it is just a game but to place it in context, imagine that you live in a small town, and you enjoy tennis. So you and your wife go and rent some court to play, but a rich guy comes and rent all the courts with the sole intention to bother you, nothing else. Well, you may try to play on another places but every time the same guy chase you and rent all the courts so you can’t play.

  29. The person that harassed the poor girl PRETTY much deserved that beating. Giving out real life info wasn’t the smartest idea. He didn’t even want to leave her alone. There are other people in the game smartass. Now the article didn’t mention the dude saying any profane words to the woman, so I don’t know why most the comments revolved around that.

    Now the woman should have just placed the dude on her ignore list. It could have been simple. If by some strange way he keeps stalking her in-game even though he was in the block list, then I don’t know what to say. However, she made the mistake to put her husband in risk of being jailed for years for property damage and assault. In moments like these, both the harasser and victim did not do the right thing. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  30. These comments are as funny as the story itself. The one where the guy said did they loot him and what’s the respawn time, had me dying. Its really stupid to put out your info like that. He invited trouble to his front door and got what he was looking for.

  31. This is the best thing I have read in years. About time someone started working on negating the greater internet fuckwad theory.

    All the e-thugs that love to talk shit and make people as miserable as possible online because they think no one can do anything about it should take heed. This could happen to you.

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