DWI Attorney Crashes Car Because He Was Playing Playstation

The auto insurance company of a DWI attorney in New York is refusing to pay his claim because they say he was playing his car’s built in Playstation.

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New York DWI attorney Paz Spelman was returning home one afternoon last month with a friend when he crashed into the back of another car. The friend later admitted to police that the two where playing games in the car while traveling across town.

Earlier in the day the two men had attended a auto insurance seminar for all the attorneys at his Law firm. It was suppose to be a refresher course for the Law firms thirty plus employees to keep up with changing auto insurance and DWI laws said Spelman.

The insurance company refused to pay after receiving the police report containing the admission of the passenger to playing games while driving.

Spelman said “My Law firm and I plan to fight their decision for as long as it takes to get it overturned”. The combined cost of the accident was estimated at $34,000. The majority of the cost was to repair Spelman’s custom 2007 Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

One thought on “DWI Attorney Crashes Car Because He Was Playing Playstation

  1. I read this story in my local paper. All NYC attorneys and law firms are not such low lifes. Lawyers have been a big help to New York. Auto Insurance compamys are the real problem.

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