Dog Pees On Computer Server Rack And Shuts Down Business

After working at her new job for only 2 weeks receptionist Lori Stint managed to shut down the daily operations of Action Tools in Lancaster S.C.

Dog Pee

After taking her small lap dog to the vet on her day off Stint stopped by Action Tools to pick up her first paycheck. She sat her dog down to talk to another employee in the back office. While the dog was unattended it walked over to the company’s small floor computer rack server and did its business all over the set up.

The small online hand tool company’s files went under in a puff of urine smelling smoke. The owner of Action Tools, Dan Wallace happened to just catch the end of the small dog’s bathroom break and ended Stint’s short stay with the company on the spot.

Wallace said that most of the new company’s computer data was backed up and no orders will be lost in the incident but it will take a few days to get up and running again.

Courtesy of the Lancaster Times.

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