Woman Hides Her GPS Phone In Boyfriends Car To Track Him – Gets Beat Up

Girl Fight Loveland, CO – A thirty year old Colorado woman thought her boyfriend was cheating on her so she decided to hide a GPS enabled phone in the man’s car and later find where he had gone.

Tuesday night Loveland police received a call that an unconscious woman was laying in someone’s driveway and could they come and remove her. When police arrived they found the woman sitting on a brick fence near the home they were called to. The woman told police that she had tracked her boyfriend to the house using her daughter’s GPS phone that she had hidden under his seat. When she knocked on the door a lady jumped her and started beating her up and thats the last thing she remembers until she woke in the driveway.

The officers went to the house that they received the call from and found the boyfriend still at the location with Trish Perry, who admitted attacking the woman. Perry and the woman’s boyfriend Will Proctor were both charged in the attack.

The injured woman was taken to a nearby Fort Collins Hospital for evaluation.

Source thanks to The Collegian.

7 thoughts on “Woman Hides Her GPS Phone In Boyfriends Car To Track Him – Gets Beat Up

  1. The Origanal artical said the phone she used had some special software called Guardian Angel on that is used to track you children.

  2. I can track my kids within five feet of thier phones but I don’t think I would use it to track down that cheater. He is the one that needs his ass beat.

  3. No one just goes off and issues a beat down on someone for knocking on their door (unless you’re a crack house in Los Angeles run by gang bangers)… the jealous girlfriend had to be doing some pretty crazy and offensive antics to provoke all the drama. This is another version of someone shaking a vending machine and it tips on them.

    What’s a 30 year old doing with a daughter old enough for a cell phone, let alone one that needs gps tracking? Having kids before you’re 20 is a good indicator you’re unstable to begin with.

  4. Why did the guy get charged, he didn’t touch the woman, I sure if he had beat her the cops wouldn’t charge the other woman. The cops should have shot all three, it would have made the world that much better.

  5. chilehead: People give their cellphones to kids at a lot earlier age nowadays, unfortunately. Besides, having a kid between 16 and 19 doesn’t make you mentally ustable; it just means you were a stupid teenager.

    Clem: Probably as an accessory, since he was there and didn’t stop the beating.

  6. My 12th grade Government professor always preached about putting birth control in the water. I laughed at the time, but its starting to sound like a good idea…

  7. Thats creepy a GPS tracking your every move. But why did the guy get arested when he didn’t do any thing?

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