Test Drive: Eve of Destruction Cheats Tips Hints And Help

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction Mixes some of the best elements of demolition and racing and is packed with twenty-five different events, including Demo Derby, where the last car running wins; Gauntlet, where the player drives a hearse and tries to finish laps while the rest of the field attempts to stop them; Trailer Race, a new racing event, players compete while towing different types of trailers and must finish the race with whats left of a trailer still attached. The game has more than thirty custom vehicles and a split-screen multiplayer mode for up to four players.

Unlockable: Boat Race Movie
Get Rank 70 in career mode.
Unlockable: Camper Race Movie
Get Rank 30 in Career Mode.
Unlockable: Car Soccer Movie
Get Rank 10 in career mode.
Unlockable: Chain Race Movie
Get Rank 80 in career mode.
Unlockable: Compact Derby Movie
Get Rank 90 in career mode.
Unlockable: Derby Basics Movie
Get Rank 60 in career mode.
Unlockable: Derby Strategy Movie
Get Rank 50 in career mode.
Unlockable: Extreme Movie
Get Rank 1 in career mode.
Unlockable: Figure 8 Bus Race Movie
Get Rank 20 in career mode.
Unlockable: Reputation Points

Earning the following amount of Reputation Points will earn you the reward listed…

* Ambulance – 40,000 RPs
* Baxter – 45,000 RPs
* Bulldog – 5,000 RPs
* Cannon – 10,000 RPs
* Dundas – 15,000 RPs
* Empire – 20,000 RPs
* Hastings – 2,500 RPs
* Hearse – 500 RPs
* Kenyon – 30,000 RPs
* Mankato – 55,000 RPs
* Orbital – 50,000 RPs
* Outlaw – 35,000 RPs
* Postal – 25,000 RPs
* Rocket – 65,000 RPs
* Taxi – 60,000 RPs
* Welch – 70,000 RPs

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