How to use the 5 Axis Stabilizer IBIS with Legacy Lenses Panasonic GX85 G85 GH5

5 Axis Stabilizer IBIS with Legacy Lenses Panasonic
Do you have some old lenses you want to use with your new Panasonic camera? The video will walk you through the steps to set-up and adjust your non-native lenses to work with most newer Panasonic cameras to get the best (IBIS) In Body Image Stabilization.

A Panasonic Tech Team member gives us you a quick explanation on how to properly set the Focal length for a Legacy lens so that the 5 Axis Stabilizer operates properly with your legacy lens.

The newest Panasonic bodies, including the new GH5, have a slightly improved Dual-IS algorithm called Dual-IS 2. Similarly, not every lens is compatible, only the newest ones, and there is likely a list of these somewhere on the Panasonic site. Lenses that are only capable of Dual-IS1 will simply run at that level on Dual-IS2-capable camera bodies.

Find Panasonic lens adapters and more to work with you Micro 4/3 cameras.

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