Nikon D850 to be announced this July 2017 and ship September

Nikon D850 news and release date
The Angry Photographer is giving us the scoop on the new Nikon D850 full frame camera. The release date, and expected specs for Nikon’s soon to be for sale, pro quality shooter.

The Nikon D850 is set to be announced this July and released this late September to early October. That means Nikon will announce the D810’s replacement nearly three years after the original version came out in June of 2014.

The camera will have the same body shape as the well loved D750. Most people lover the way it feels in their hand when shooting.
Expect a UHS-II SD card slot to keep legacy users happy along with the newer XQD card slot for much faster write speeds.
The D850 with have a dual possessor for super fast auto focus acquisition and tracking.
Improved low and high ISO performance over the D810.
A new battery model for extended shot count and video recording times.
Expected retail price of $3300 in the USA.

For those questioning the validity of this post. The Angry Photographer has many years of experience in the photography repair and retail field. He also has some trusted contacts for inside info with Nikon. So far this is the most trusted info out on the new Nikon D850 camera.

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