Unboxing Snoppa Atom Smartphone Gimbal In USA

Snoppa Atom smartphone gimbal video
The new Snoppa Atom Smartphone gimbal gets unboxed from someone in USA that has actually gotten one yet. GimbalTest will shortly produce a review soon on the new folding smartphone stabilizer.

The smartphone gimbal called Snoppa Atom weighs only 440 gram (15.5 oz), so you won’t get worn out even after a long video shoot. Because of the ATOM’s unique build, ATOM can reach a high payload of 310 gram which is presently the highest in phone gimbal category, without the need to use larger and heavier motors and the body remains light weight and small in stature.


Snoppa Atom Gimbal Specs:

Working voltage: 7.4V; Working current: 90mA; Working temperature: 10°~45

Dimensions(W”D”H): Unfolded: 123*73297 mm; Folded: 50*106*178 mm

Body weight: 440g(15.50z)

Max payload: 310g(110z)

Tilt axis mechanical rotation range: 330

Roll axis mechanical rotation range: 330

Pan axis mechanical rotation range: 360(unlimited rotation)

Static attitude tracking error: ±0.05

Motion attitude tracking error: ±0.2

Microphone type: 3. 5mm TRRS; Mobile phone width range: 55-90mm; Mobile phone thickness range: ?9mm


Type: Li-ion; Model: SP26350; Capacity: 14.8Wh; Charging Time: 3 Hours; Run Time: 24 Hours

Buy the Snoppa Atom gimbal here when available.

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