Clever Way Not To Check In Your Camera Gear At Airport

never check in camera gear airplane
Don’t check your camera gear when boarding an airplane. Matt Granger gives us two big tips to avoid being pressured by the staff to gate check your carry on photography gear.

Don’t lose you high dollar camera gear to an airline mishap by handing it over to those baggage handlers loading the plane.

Matt’s first tip is to refuse to let your bag out of your sight no matter what the airline tells you. I can almost guarantee that you will not be happy even if you get your gear bag back in one piece.

The second thing that will help your case for bringing your photo gear into the plane’s cabin with you is, dangerous batteries. Let the flight crew know you are carrying Lithium-ion battery cells with you in your gear bag. The airlines require you to bring them on-board and not check them into the plane’s luggage area.

If you must check-in your camera gear please use hard cases like theses to protect you gear.

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