Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground Cheats Hints And Codes

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground This is the latest update we have on Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground cheats.

This version is the ninth title in the series, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground. Neversoft has again played with the formula a bit, and some additions come welcome but others are starting to show their age. Since the series has now come up against its first strong, competitor with EA’s skate, its lack of any major design improvements in years is even more visible.

For Tony Hawk’s die hard fans here are your cheats.

Place the passwords on the left just as shown into the in-game cheats menu for the desired result.

* AintFallin – Unlocks perfect rail / no bails
* BeefedUp – Unlocks full statistics
* Booyah – Unlocks super check
* CRAZYBONEMAN – Unlocks skater Boneman
* Dapper – Unlocks skater Spence
* Flyaway – Unlocks skater Eric
* FOREVERNAILED – Unlocks 100% branch completion
* GiveMeStuff – Unlocks CAS items
* INGONNABUILD – Unlocks all rig pieces
* INTERGALACTIC – Unlocks skater MCA
* LAIDBACKLOUNGE – Unlocks all lounge themes
* LetsGoSkate – Unlocks all decks
* LooksSmelly – Unlocks skater Rube
* LOTSOFTRICKS – Unlocks all available specials
* MagicMan – Unlocks skating with no board
* MoreMilk – Unlocks skater Bosco
* Movers – Unlocks skater Shayne
* Myopic – Unlocks unlimited focus
* NeedsHelp – Unlocks fifty skill points
* NotACamera – Unlocks skater Cam
* NotADude – Unlocks skater Mel
* OverTheTop – Unlocks fun items
* Piledriver – Unlocks skater El Patinador
* PutEmOnTop – Unlocks all video editor overlays
* Rabbies – Unlocks skater Mad Dog
* Shaker – Unlocks skater TV Producer
* Sketchy – Unlocks skater Eddie X
* STILLAINTFALLIN – Unlocks perfect manual
* SUPERSLASHIN – Unlocks unlimited slash grind
* SweetStuff – Unlocks all lounge bling items
* TheCoop – Unlocks skater Cooper
* TheIndoorPark – Unlocks Air and Space Museum
* THELOCALPARK – Unlocks Lansdowne
* TheMissing – Unlocks the invisible man
* ThePrezPark – Unlocks FDR Skatepark
* TinyTater – Unlocks the small skater
* Trippy – Unlocks all video editor effects
* WatchThis – Unlocks all in-game movies

13 thoughts on “Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground Cheats Hints And Codes

  1. I am in d.c. national mall. I don’t know what to do in level when you must climb on the ivy and jump on the window washer. I tried everything but I can’t do it. Please will someone help me quick!!!

  2. hey im stuck at make a team i did all the arcade stuff for street and some reason it said im not done can any one help me i need to beat this game.

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