Synthetic Motor Oil Is Destroying The Planet

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Researchers from the group Protection And Preservation Of Our Mother Earth have been working together with scientist to determine the effects of synthetic motor oil being dumped by automobile owners.

The group has been comparing how much greater damage synthetic oil does when removed from automobiles and pored out in backyards across America. The destruction difference is amazing says one researcher. Standard oils will tend to break down over the years from bacteria and other microorganisms but the synthetic motor oil stays and pollutes up to twenty times as long.

The benefits of using a synthetic motor oil in your vehicle is minimal but the impact on the Earth can be devastating. When ingested from ground water the synthetic oil is much more toxic to wildlife. It attacks the internal organs and inflicts greater damage to the body.

Drivers are being pushed by motor oil manufactures to change out their automobiles oil at more than twice the rate needed or even recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. With the greater use of synthetic motor oil we have seen signs of rapid wildlife decline in areas that have been found to be contaminated by the dumping of synthetics says one of the scientist.

2 thoughts on “Synthetic Motor Oil Is Destroying The Planet

  1. Guh? People actually pour MOTOR OIL out in their own back yard in america? Really? That’s… mental. And dumb. Hey, why not burn and salt the ground too, just in case ?

    Don’t you people have oil recycling points?

  2. “The benefits of using a synthetic motor oil in your vehicle is minimal” – this is an unsupported statement. And it happens to be incorrect. The use of synthetic oil permits the use of new materials and closer tolerances, both of which lead to higher levels of efficiency – which translates into reduced environmental impact. The longer the car lasts, the longer it is before it is replaced.

    But yes, lots of people pour out their used motor oil. Yes, they are stupid. Personally I’m on a well, so I’d have to be double or triple stupid. And for the record, I captured my dirty motor oil for recycling.

    I will be going to synthetic on my next oil change, and I don’t feel bad about the decision, either.

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