Student Given $800,000 Research Grant For Solar LCD Screen

solar LCD

Reykjavik, Iceland-April 6th- University of Solar Studies student Smari Laxness has been given a monetary grant of $800,000 U.S. Dollars for the exploration of harnessing the sun’s rays to back light computer LCD monitors.

Experts in the field of solar power are excited that such a large dollar amount has been given to this young individual’s plans. “Gifts of this size are hard to come by in our field” said Professor Hafdis Palsson .

Laxness has the idea of gathering light into tubes which is distributed through fiber optics to individual LCD monitors. In large group situations like schools and universities this could make a significant power savings.

Smari Laxness plans on gathering a mix of professional and amateur solar experts to join him in his venture over the next month to begin on his work.

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