Sony A6000 Tips and Trick Video On How To Shoot Action Photography Outside

Sony a6000 tips and tricks
If you want an easy way to shoot action motion shots with your Sony a6000 this video will give you all the tips you need for great photos.

Buy following these three major steps to get the setting correct on your Sony a6000 it will make for a great day of outdoor shooting.

With the Sony a6000, there are 3 conditions that need to be set simultaneously to shoot action sequences. 1: The focus mode needs to be set to AI-Servo.
2: The Drive needs to be set to Continuous High.
3: The focus area must be set to “wide”.

Having these three conditions set, the camera is set up to do focus tracking. It will then select and track the item in the center of the screen, but may release should another item cross the focus area.

In order to “lock” on one item, simply use the “Lock On Autofocus” mode, which will then hold the subject even as they cross the entire viewfinder screen, regardless of items crossing in front or not. This type of training is entirely impossible to explain with the owner’s manual, therefore it is presented here for your benefit.

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