SeeSnake Micro Inspection Spy Camera Review

SeeSnake Microupskirt

The new RIDGID SeeSnake micro inspection camera may just be the next great spy camera for pervs. This LCD screen equipped video camera with a 3ft flexible tip was designed for seeing down inside walls to find wiring or look for rat infestation.

Web sites are popping up with screen shots from the sneaky device. It appears that the SeeSnake works great for spying through small holes into bathrooms and other such peeping hangouts.

The SeeSnake camera come with a light built into the end for better vision in those tight dark places but it can be easily disabled for concealed peeping.

Though not initially sold anywhere other than hardware and big box stores the Seesnake is reportedly showing up for resale in porn shops and other such establishments.

If the SeeSnake Micro continues such brisk sales lets keep an eye out for new PocketSnake version to start arriving in stores around the country.

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