PS3 Sonic the Hedgehog Cheats, Hints And Tricks


Sonic The Hedgehog brings back a lot of memories to all the Dreamcast owners from years past. Though it still maintains all the speed and excitement from earlier versions it doesn’t do anything that we haven’t seen already before.

The PS3 version is a good game but it takes more than great graphics to get me hopping about the dated title. It is probably best left for people wanting to relive their Dreamcast days with their young kids.

Sonic The Hedgehog cheats.

Unlock the these characters for Free Mode:

Amy Rose
All “S” Ranks on Soleanna mystery missions.

Pass all Soleanna mystery missions.

All “S” Ranks on Town Stage missions.

E-123 Omega
All “S” Ranks on GUN Commander missions.

Pass all GUN Commander missions.

Pass all Town Stage missions.

Audio and Theater Rooms
Completing episode unlocks

Final Episode
Completing the 3 Epidsode’s (Sonic’s, Silver’s, and Shadow,s) will unlock the final episode

Silver’s Episode
Beating Silver unlocks his episode

Shadow’s Episode
Completing “Crisis City” unlocks Shadow’s Episode.

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