Dead Family Dog Made Into Desktop Computer

computer dog

Koln, Germany–After keeping their taxidermied family dog in the living room for 4 years Albert and Petra Zimmerman decided to make better use of their small living space by combining the home computer with Ex-pet Dieter.

“I work as a computer programmer in the city and am a bit of a technology hobbyist”, said Albert. “We love our lost dog and want to keep him around as long as we can. We just felt this would be a way for us to interact with him on a daily basis.”

When asked about how he transformed the dog he said it was quite simple. The dog was filled with a hardened foam that was inserted through a seam on the dogs belly. Zimmerman remove the foam and replaced most of it with a wire cage for support. The component are wire tied down and there is a exhaust fan on the far side of the dog.

Zimmerman even gave us all the specks on the dog/computer. It is equipped with a AMD Athlon 64 processor with DVD burner and even a remote TV tuner. He says they plan on connecting it to a new LCD TV within the next few months.

The Zimmermans also added that almost always the first question people ask is where is the USB Port.

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