Panasonic GX85 vs Sony a6300 vs BlackMagic Pocket 4K Video Comparison Test

Panasonic GX85 vs Sony a6300 vs BlackMagic Pocket
If you are looking to get the best 4k video shooter on the cheap this breakdown between the BMPCC vs the Panasonic GX85/80 vs the Sony A6300 might help you decide.

Theses cameras tested are a small package set-up that cam easily be taken on the go for quick video shoots and B-footage captures.

All 4K cameras were set at auto-white balance. ISO 800 on the Sony and BMPCC and 400 on the Panasonic. Shutter 1/50th, 25p, 4K on the two still cameras and 1080p Raw on the Pocket. The video from each camera was edited and uploaded in 1440p to Youtube.

Conclusion by video publisher Mattias Burling:

The BlackMagic BMPCC is the most film-like and has the least rolling shutter.
It has by far the best peaking.
No EVF and short battery.

The Panasonic GX85 is surprisingly good. The in body stabilization is really really great.
To bad it doesn’t record external audio but not a deal breaker.

The Sony A6300 handles highlights very very well. Great build. Nice AF.
But the EVF sucks, colors sucks, rolling shutter sucks and its the most expensive.

The a6300 and 35mm lens costs more than he payed altogether for the GX80, 20mm f1.7, 14-140mm, SLR 17mm f1.6, BMPCC, Tilta Cage and x3 Extra Batteries.
Not worth it.

I would go Panasonic GX85 or BMPCC.

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