Nikon D5600 Video Tutorial Training For How To Control And Use Your Camera

Nikon D5600 video tutorial trainng
Great how-to learning video that will teach you everything about your new Nikon D5600 DSLR camera. If you are new to photography and are just beginning to start using your D5600 this will give you all the tips and tricks.

This is one of Nikon’s most popular new cameras for 2016-17 and Tony Northrup does a great job teaching us using the camera controls. Some of the topics in the help video include – Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Modes, Flash controls, Button Customization, Focusing Modes and Areas, and even how to st us Back Button Focus on the Nikon D5600.

00:41 What I Don’t Cover
01:01 Memory Cards
4:59 Ports
8:43 Taking and Reviewing a Picture
13:11 Using Live View
15:56 Brightness
16:30 Diopter
17:31 Aperture Priority
22:18 Shutter Priority
26:11 Manual Mode
30:34 Bulb Mode
32:22 Self-Timer
34:30 Shutter Modes
36:40 Focusing Modes
38:00 Focusing Areas
40:33 Back-button Focus
43:17 Changing ISO
45:47 Exposure Compensation
47:23 Bracketing
40:14 Wi-Fi
46:47 GPS
49:17 Raw
51:43 Metering Modes
52:31 Flash
53:56 White Balance
54:54 Video
57:37 Interval Timer
59:21 Mirror Lockup
1:00:11 Nikon Snapbridge/Wi-Fi
1:14:50 Formatting a Memory Card
1:15:50 Button Customization
1:16:38 Disabling the Beep
1:17:08 Recent Settings
1:17:27 Accessories and Gear Recommendations

The D5600 fully supports UHS-I type cards and will benefit from the faster speeds offered. Get a Class 10 or any of the higher classes and you’re good to go. Don’t buy a Class 4 or 6 as these are too slow and the price difference is so small it’s not worth it.

For Full HD video at 60fps and 5fps in burst mode, you need a fast memory card or your videos will randomly stop while recording, and your buffer won’t empty quickly so you’ll have to wait longer before you can shoot again.

These are the best 3 SDHC/SDXC memory cards you can get for the Nikon D5600:

SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s UHS-I U3
Lexar Professional 95MB/s UHS-I U3
My favorite and cheapest – Transcend R95/W60MB/s UHS-I U3

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