Never Leave Your Razor Where A 3 Year Old Can Reach It

Hair Cut

Sometimes its better to not answer those instant message alert beeps on your computer and watch your child.

While my neighbor Rick was shaving Friday morning his instant messaging alert was beeping like crazy. In his haste to find out what everyone was wanting at the same time he left his shaving razor on the bathroom counter. Big mistake because his 3 year old daughter was watching him shave from the bedroom.

When Rick returned to finish shaving he noticed long hair lying all over the bedroom floor but couldn’t figure out what it was from. He walked into the bathroom and his razor was missing. After seeing all of the hair he began to panic. Rick said he started yelling for his daughter but she never would answer.

Rick even went out into the yard looking for his daughter but found nothing. Just as he came running back into the house he saw her crawling out from under his couch. She knew she had done something really bad and had hidden. After looking her over good for cuts from the razor he was relieved that she hadn’t cut herself.

Dude, sometimes you just gotta make those IM’s wait.

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