How Much Will Ryzen CPUs Cost And How Will They Do Versus Intel Chips

How Much Will Ryzen CPUs Cost
Video breakdown on what we think may go down when the new AMD Ryzen CPUs hit the market and what will Intel do in response.

Paul’s Hardware goes through what they think will happen when the new Ryzen chips hit the open market soon.

AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, introduced the ‘guts of Ryzen’ at the New Horizon event in December, detailing the five key new features that make it the fastest processors architecture they’ve ever created. The five new features in question are: Neural Net Prediction, Smart Prefetch, Pure Power, Precision Boost and Extended Frequency Range. Altogether they’re known as AMD SenseMI Technology. OK.

This will allow the Ryzen CPU to “sense and adapt to its environment, which makes it an extremely intelligent processor, capable of learning on the fly.” According to Su that gives the Ryzen silicon ‘true machine intelligence’ which accounts for around 25% of the performance uplift the Zen architecture is promising over its predecessors.

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