Best Grip For Panasonic GX85 GX80 – Review Of The JB Camera Designs Pro Grip

J.B. Camera Designs Pro Grip GX85 80 Review Panasonic
My review for the best grip to buy for your Panasonic GX85/GX80 Camera. I love my Panasonic GX85. It is one of the most feature-packed micro four thirds cameras you can buy today. My only problem with it has always been the super small grip. This is where J.B. Camera Designs has stepped in and solved my issue with their new wooden grip for the GX85/80 camera.

J.B. Camera Designs has been making custom grips and other accessories for cameras for a few years now. Mostly for small form factor cameras that are hard to hold comfortably. The small grips can be specially problematic when using telephoto and large prime lenses on small mirrorless cameras.

Soon after getting my GX85 I knew I was not going to be happy with it if I couldn’t find a better grip. I started off by trying to go super cheap to fix the poor grip. I tried adding a small glue-on grip extender and a metal thumb piece that attached to the hotshoe. They where both very awkward and I ended up removing them as they made the handling much worse.

Panasonic GX85 Grip Bottom J.B. Designs

Wide, stable bottom that allows access to battery and memory card slot. Also you can still mount on tripod.

I had seen the J.B. Camera Designs grips in the past, but they were a little more expensive and I had put them in the back of my mind. I loved my Panasonic GX85 so much though, I decided to spend a bit more and try out the Pro Grip model J.B. makes for the GX85. I ordered one direct from J.B. and it showed up at my house about five days later. It was nicely packed and came with a little storage bag, and even a penny to use to screw the grip base into the tripod mount.

Panasonic GX85 Grip back J.B. Designs

The grip’s back has a cut-out that allows the screen to be tilted out and function as normal.

Once I picked up the GX85 in my hand I new it was a different camera. The new grip had made it so much easier to hold. It went from being a clumsily handling, hard to hold point and shoot, to a fully functional Pro DSLR. It was just that dramatic of a change in how it now felt in my hand.

I know these camera J.B. grips cost a bit more than a basic glue-on style. For some people like me that can make it hard to try one out. But, once you put a J.B. Designs grip on your camera you will be hard pressed to shoot without one.

For a small, hard to hold camera it may be the best purchase you could ever make. You can buy the Panasonic GX85 Grip here direct from J.B. Design or if you prefer you can find them on Amazon here.

You can also find their custom leather wrist straps here at Amazon.

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