Cheap way to protect your camera from rain and bad weather when shooting

Cheap camera rain and weather sleeve
It is always good to bring along some weather and water protection for your camera when out in the field. You never know when a thunderstorm may pop up. It is also good to have a rain cover with you when shooting waterfalls or water sport events that you may have to ride along in a boat.

You don’t always need to spend the big money on an expensive cover like the Kata KT PL-E-702 Rain Cover.

Most of the time carrying a simple light plastic cover like these will save the day and save your camera from any major damage while shooting in bad weather.

As you see in the video this basic plastic sleeve is designed to allow you to protect your camera and lens as well as still be able to capture images as normal. You can find many inexpensive camera rain sleeves here on the cheap.

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