Scientist Say New Sonic Wave Tech Bra Will Enlarge Breasts

Scientist at the Institute of Regenerative Biotechnology in Salzburg, Austria have assembled a women’s bra that will increase breast size through the emission of sonic waves.

electric bra Bra Battery

The details that they are currently releasing are a bit restricted because monetary backers are afraid of piracy of there upcoming product. A computer adjusted battery pack / wave controller attaches to the back of a somewhat standard-looking bra. This can be adjusted for the shape and size of the breasts to be resized or grown larger.

Waves are emitted from the bottom of the bra and reflected back in various patterns to generate growth in the fatty tissue of the breasts. The majority of the growth concentration is directed toward the underside of the breast to give more lift and produce a greater appearance of size.

The control pack for the bra can be removed and connected to a computer via USB to make personal adjustment. The included DVD with the shipped product will include a program for the physician of the woman to set it up for her needs.

It is hoped that the final product will be able to help women with misshaped breasts and create more comparable sizes between them.

The bra is expected to be available as soon as the last quarter of 2008. It will only be available initially through doctors prescription because of possible dangers from misuse.

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