Bad Golfers Drop To New Low – Radio Frequency Ball Locators

Golf Ball FinderChipped Ball

This new golf ball finding technology uses advanced electronics to enable a hand held device to transmit a radio frequency (RF) signal. When this signal reaches a micro-chipped golf ball, the ball returns a RF signal.

Vital to this golf technology is a microchip that is embedded in the core of the golf ball during assembly. The microchip in the golf ball works as an antenna that receives and sends the signal back to the hand held device. The hand held gun of sorts transmits the signal to the golf ball within a detection array. The beam moves with the device as you sweep your arm for side to side.

The System will detect balls behind rocks,bushes,trees,and so on. The detection range will depend on the terrain where the golf ball lies. The range is approximately 25 –95 feet depending on the conditions.

These golf ball locators cost any where from $200-$1000. I understand that these things might speed up the game with less searching time and possibly cut down on lost balls. I just think that money would be better used on a few more golf lessons.

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