Robot Dog Bites Japanese Mailman

In Japan Tuesday, a 34 year old postal worker was taken down by his robotic pet dog.

Mailman Robot dog

The dog is a very advanced and fully responsive pet that has become very popular with singles in Japan. Most apartments don’t allow animals in their buildings and many lonely people purchase these life like robotic animals to greet them when they arrive home.

A friend of the postal worker had become worried when he didn’t answer his door or phone after repeated tries. The two had a double date that evening and were already late. The friend asked the postman’s neighbor who had a spare key to check and see if everything was O.K.

Upon entering the postman’s apartment they found him unconscious and bleeding from his head. He was nude and looked to have been on his way to getting in the shower when he tripped over his robotic dog and hit his head on the tile floor. We found him face down with his rear end sticking up in the air said the neighbor. At first we didn’t know what to think.

The postal worker came to shortly after the paramedics arrived. He was unconscious for over 2 hours but seemed O.K.

Courtesy of Sankie news.

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