PS3 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Cheats, Hints And Tricks

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the PS3 is the first golf game in the U.S. for this console and from what I have observed so far EA Sports is off to a good start.

The graphics have improved quite a bit over the PS2 version of the game. The characters are much more life like with their movements. The swing motion has a more natural look to it.

One major change is the actuation of the swing. Instead of pushing a button to move you flip the left joystick back and forth. For some people this has a steep learning curve.

If you don’t have the patients to figure it out yourself heres your cheats.

Adidas sponsorship:
Submit THREE STRIPES as a code.

Bridgestone sponsorship:
Submit SHOJIRO as a code.

Cobra sponsorship:
Submit SNAKEKING as a code.

Grafalloye sponsorship:
Submit JUST SHAFTS as a code.

Level 3 EA Sports sponsorship:
Submit INTHEGAME as a code.

Macgergor sponsorship:
Submit MACTEC as a code.

Mizuno sponsorship:
Submit RIHACHINRZO as a code.

Nike sponsorship:
Submit JUSTDOIT as a code.

Oakley sponsorship:
Submit JANNARD as a code.

PGA Tour sponsorship:
Submit LIGHTNING as a code.

Ping sponsorship:
Submit SOLHEIM as a code.

Precept sponsorship:
Submit GUYS ARE GOOD as a code.

Taylormade sponsorship:
Submit MR ADAMS as a code.

Big head crowd:
Submit TENGALLONHAT as a code.

EA Black Series clubs:
100% finish the game.

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