Apple Now # 1 In Holland


Maastricht, Holland-(04/04/07)- It seems Apple has conquered a new segment of the population.

Wednesday the city sanitation workers of the southeaster city in the Netherlands all received Apple Nanos in hopes of making them all appear more happy while doing their jobs.

It was widely reported that the townspeople in Maastricht were displeased with the demeanor of local sanitation workers. “Some days they would yell at me for the way I placed my trash container” said store owner, Christian Van Rijn. Some changes had to be made.

In a search of a way to make the situation better for all involved city counsel came up with the idea of letting them listen to music while on the job. A few weeks later the city ordered 280 new Apple Nanos for the city sanitation team to try to get a better moral for the workers.

After the first 2 weeks of implantation it appears to be making a positive change in the interaction with city store owners reports Mr. Van Rijn. “At least they have stopped yelling at me”.

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