Man Loses Camera On Plane And It Is Returned 2 Years Later

After losing his camera on a U.S. Air flight 2 years ago, Mike Hill received it back in the mail with the developed photos he had taken.

I had only owned the camera for about a week said Hill. I bought it before my daughters 4th birthday. I had only taken about 20 photos before we left on our trip to Italy.

Hill forgot and left the camera on the plane when they arrived in Italy. He didn’t report it until he had gotten to their hotel room. U.S Air never found the camera for him and he thought it was gone forever until it showed up in the mail.

As it turns out a man in Utah bought the camera from a store that sells recovered missing airline items. After purchasing the camera he removed the film and put it in a draw at his home. Almost a year and a half later the man’s wife took the film to be developed with their other photos.

While curiously looking at Hill’s old photos the couple noticed one of them clearly showed Hill’s mailbox with his name and address. With most of the photos being a child’s birthday party the couple decided to mail them the photos and the camera.

I was very grateful for their good deed said Hill. The photos were the only ones taken at the party and it meant a lot to us to have those returned.

One thought on “Man Loses Camera On Plane And It Is Returned 2 Years Later

  1. Thats a great story. You rarely ever get anything back from the airlines if something is lost. They were lucky that a good hearted person bought the camera.

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