How to use Tracking Focus with DSC-RX100M3 getting best settings

RX100 M3 focus tracking

Tracking Focus with the Sony DSC-RX100M3 can be a big help. If you like capturing children playing, moving wildlife or sports events, tracking your subject and keeping a good, sharp focus are a necessity for crisp images.

Please, if you haven’t yet, try tracking focus at least once, I’m sure you will find it useful during the right situation.

Tool up the camera for whatever you are trying to accomplish, (have in normal focus mode), the tracking focus will over-ride it for a shot at a time only.

1. Press center rear button, that activates Tracking Focus Mode. A small white focus box appears in the center of the lcd screen.

2. Point the camera so the head, (or any part of the subject you want) is inside the white box, press center button again. Now the small white focus box is set to that body part.

3. As the subject moves, the white focus box follows that part it is set to, you take the shot when ready.

This is similar spot focus, but it moves automatically as the subject/you move. You can follow the subject around a corner. or yard, until something happens.

Compose the subject anywhere in the frame, as the white box will be the focus point.

The Sony DSC-RX100M3 returns to your normal focus mode automatically after the shot. To use it again, press center button, aim, press, wait for a smile, take the photo.

When you press the center button a 3rd time, prior to taking a shot, it will cancel tracking focus and go back to your normal focus mode.

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