How to change auto shut-off timer limit RX100M3 Camera settings

power saver RX100M3

Don’t let the power saver shut down your Sony DSC-RX100M3 too soon. There is a simple setting change to lengthen time limit to camera shutdown.

While waiting for that perfect shot to happen before your eyes, no, all of a sudden the power saving start time comes on and the camera shuts off, photo missed.

You can change the setting for a longer power saver start time –

Open RX100M3 menu, suitcase, page 2, Power Saving Start Time

You have a choice of, 1,2,5, or 30 minutes. (The 5min setting work well in most waiting situations).

Running the lens motor open and close a lot will use as much battery power as waiting the extra time before shutdown.

Just shut the RX100M3 camera off manually if the shot never appears before you.

Just in case that school play or football game last much longer than expected always have an extra battery or two with you.

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