How To Fill Out Forms With Just Your Keyboard

How To Fill Out Forms If you are like many and have to fill out a lot of forms at work or at home on the computer it can be annoying to have to take your hand off the keyboard to use the mouse to navigate from form box to box. Most people know how to use the Tab key but these other keyboard shortcuts will save you some time.

Jump to the next form box by pressing Tab; go back to the previous box by entering Shift-Tab.

If the form box has multiple tabs, jump between them by pressing Ctrl-Tab, or enter Ctrl-Page Down to jump forward and Ctrl-Shift-Tab or Ctrl-Page Up to move back.

To make a drop-down menu appear or select an items in the current box, press the up- and down-arrow keys. To select that item just press the space bar.

When your option has an underlined letter in the name, hold the Alt key and press you needed letter to choose that option. When the box displays the contents of a folder and you have made a mistake in you selection just press F5 to refresh it. And if you need to see the folder that houses the current one, press Backspace.

When you’re finished with the box, don’t click OK; just press Enter but if you want to leave that box without changing anything you should press Esc.

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