Easy Way To Rename Large Groups Of Files Like Photos In Bulk

If you take tons of photos you can sometimes end up with thousands of files with names like hp1251545-1. It makes it very hard to find that old beach trip photo that you wanted to show a friend. Windows can rename your files but it is very time consuming to get them just right.

Rename Photos In Bulk
A freebie program called Rename Master brought to you by Jackass JoeJoe’s Freeware Utilities offers a huge amount of mass-renaming options. If you want you can add text at specific points in the names, replace text, remove unwanted strings, and one of my favorite, specify how you want the file names capitalized. You also have massive control over the way the counter differentiates one file from another.

Best of all you get to see the changes you’re about to make before they become set in stone.

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