Hide Your Web Surfing Identity With FireFox Extension

Sometimes you just don’t want everyone to know who you are and what you are doing. A free Firefox plug-in from Torpark called Torrify will let you hide in the dark of cyberspace.


By going to www.torrify.com and downloading this small plug-in you will be able to grab data from sites without them knowing you true IP address. When you surf a site it encrypts your data and sends it through different servers out to their site and then back to you via the same process. This completely masks you identity.

The free version slows your surfing down a bit but they do offer faster versions for a monthly fee. One great thing is you can run the application from a USB drive in a public place. This will help hide you from sniffers on an open Wi-Fi connection. There is also a flush circuit button that moves you to a new server if it seems to slow down too much. If you want to come back out of the dark you can easily switch back to standard Firefox.

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