Fix Sony PSP Dead / Stuck Pixel Problems

dead pixel PSP

People are still reporting quite a large number of LCD screen dead or stuck pixels after purchasing a Sony PSP.

If your PSP has less than 10 dead pixels Sony most likely won’t replace it because they consider it an acceptable number. If your are like me and consider any bad pixels on the screen to be unacceptable there are a few options.

First there is a video that you can run on on the PSP to help unstick the pixels if you just have some stuck ones. This is very common and if you are lucky the video will release the pixels from one stuck color to changing colors as they should be. The video flashes blue, red and green repeatedly to unstick them.

If the bad pixels are dead the video won’t help. You can either just live with it of you can replace the screen. It is now much cheaper to replace the screen than it used to be. Company’s like can replace the screen and have it back to you in under a week. In some cases replacement of the screen is the only way you can enjoy your Sony PSP again.

The video that unsticks the screen pixels can be found at . It is said to work on about 60% of PSPs tried.

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