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Asheville Guy Says, in 8-21-2007 at 12:49:41 from    

In the paper(Local Asheville Rag) it also said that his Xbox 360 was fried and it left a burt make on the wall and around the outlet it was plugged into. Kids and electricity never work out very well.

Gary 35 Says, in 8-21-2007 at 14:51:19 from    

Kids always seam to do the dumbest things. Kid, give up on the video games and get outside and play a little. It might help. Or better yet buy a Sony PS3 and you want have to get shocked.

Love Me Says, in 8-21-2007 at 15:59:03 from    

The dumb butt got what he deserved. WTF was he thinking by putting a powered up Xbox 360 plug in water. If he was that stupid I thing he deserved it. Get dumb people a Wii. No power Brick.

Zaratustra Says, in 8-21-2007 at 18:55:00 from    

So, none of you ever picked a live wire or put something metal in an outlet when you were kids? Were you raised in a plastic bubble or something?

AlCapwned Says, in 8-21-2007 at 22:09:42 from    

We were raised not to be dumbasses. Those who learn by experience are those who don’t listen.

John Hance Says, in 8-21-2007 at 22:13:26 from    

I didn’t like in a plastic bubble when I was a kid, but I still had enough sense to not submerge any electrical objects in water, powered on or not.

Colin Says, in 8-21-2007 at 22:15:35 from    

Zaratustra, I hope you’re kidding.

Harrison Says, in 8-21-2007 at 22:35:12 from    

Gary 35: You won’t get shocked, but you won’t have anything to play.

Also, you’re comment is stupid as hell. Go drop a PS3 in the water, and see if you get shocked or not. Go on, I dare you.

PinkFloyd Says, in 8-21-2007 at 22:42:44 from    

We werent stupid enough to stick metal in outlets. Nothing to do with being in a bubble.

We knew that we’d get the **** shocked out of us if we did.

Kara Says, in 8-21-2007 at 22:54:56 from    

A 14 year old should know better than that! I knew at an early age that water and electricity is dangerous and never to put something in water or water on something that was plugged it. What a stupid kid, actually I should say teen.

Matt Says, in 8-21-2007 at 23:03:23 from    

Yes, I did something stupid like this when I was a kid. But I was quite a bit younger than 14.

Bob J. Says, in 8-21-2007 at 23:19:09 from    


The kid was 14. I knew better than to mix electricity with water when I was 5.

You must have had really retarded parents if you were putting metal in outlets when you were 14.

Hobbles Says, in 8-21-2007 at 23:28:59 from    

Not raised in a bubble, just raised with common sense.

henry Says, in 8-21-2007 at 23:29:33 from    

no, i never picked a live wire when i was a kid. I wasn’t raised in a bubble, i just wasn’t raised as a retard.

as for ps3, ps3 has overheating issues too. As for the wii? Yeah, there is a power brick.

as for the kid, 2 words: Natural Selection. Darwins theory says stupid people kill them self off. Too bad it’s not working fast enough.

Sam Says, in 8-21-2007 at 23:33:18 from    

“Kids always seam to do the dumbest things. Kid, give up on the video games and get outside and play a little. It might help. Or better yet buy a Sony PS3 and you want have to get shocked.”

If they were to go outside and play they’d do worse than electrocute themselves, they’d go right back to massive vandalism. Since the video game age started much fewer kids show up in parks, but also the vandalism rates have dropped rapidly.

Matt Says, in 8-21-2007 at 23:57:25 from    

Dumb sh*t. Too bad he didn’t die though, we almost had ourselves a Darwin Award.

Lupes Says, in 8-22-2007 at 00:02:20 from    

Put it in the freezer….noob *rolleyes*

Will Says, in 8-22-2007 at 01:08:21 from    

Dumbass. Also, I do believe you people WERE raised in bubbles. Hell, I’ve done it. Gotten shocked, too. I fucking DARE you to call me stupid. Dare you. I feel like arguing today.

oihf Says, in 8-22-2007 at 03:45:51 from    

Zaratustra said,

on August 21st, 2007 at 6:55 pm

So, none of you ever picked a live wire or put something metal in an outlet when you were kids? Were you raised in a plastic bubble or something?”


I would guess that you have done that?

Common sense is a useful thing :D

heinz Says, in 8-22-2007 at 03:53:46 from    

what a stupid discussion! wonder, who’s retarded here…

abbz0id Says, in 8-22-2007 at 04:20:54 from    

To Sam – Goodbye vandalism. Hello obesity.

ruscal Says, in 8-22-2007 at 06:15:18 from    

Natural selection has its work cut out for it

fire Says, in 8-22-2007 at 06:34:01 from    

poeple who learn by experience usually are not good listeners, because they’re curious, and fyi, they tend to be smarter than those who are goody two shoes… people who learn by experience learn better!!

tal Says, in 8-22-2007 at 07:27:41 from    

darwin needs to rework his theory note kid ALMOST killed……..

so close

Wilhito Says, in 8-22-2007 at 08:29:25 from    

Darwin effect.

Wilhito Says, in 8-22-2007 at 08:31:00 from    

Also, If he did own a PS3, yes he would still get shocked. Because of the lack of games he would have to go outside and play.

cinlach Says, in 8-22-2007 at 12:19:47 from    

I think what’s being overlooked here is that this took place in Brevard, NC.

My deadbeat Father is from Brevard and a good deal of his family still live there. So let me tell you, they’re nothing to write home about.

So to say that I was surprised to hear about some marginally exceptional teenager in Brevard who’s unfamiliar with the concept of “Water + Electricity = Bad” is like saying I was surprised to find out that “W” had pardoned Scooter Libby.

Or to put that into layman’s terms, I was not very surprised at all.

The kid was probably too busy cleaning his deer rifle or adjusting the Confederate Flag on the wall in his room to be bothered with learning about trivialities like “physics”.

The real question is how many chickens in the house were overcome by smoke from the resulting unpleasantness and had to be put down?

Was there a fire in the barn and if so, did Bessie the cow make it out safely?

TreyTable Says, in 8-22-2007 at 12:30:39 from    

Damn, 14 years old and still stupid? I did some stupid things when I was 14, but I learned long before that liquids and electricity mix super quick, like pissing on an electric fence..

But if I did do what that kid did, Transylvania Community Hospital would not be my first choice to spend the night. ;)

Killjoy Says, in 8-22-2007 at 13:10:50 from    

Wow, 14 year old genius. Seriously by the time I was old enough to go to school (5yrs) I definitely had an understanding that you didn’t mess with electricity. This kid at 14 wrapping up a live power brick in tape and plastic and setting it in standing water… wow doing something like that is almost unimaginable.

I’d say those living in the bubble are the same ones trying to put forks and paper clips into electrical outlets. How is this kind of knowledge not common sense at this point? Guess his momma should have left the plastic safety covers on those dangerous electric outlets for an extra decade.

BTW… Someone should let this kid know that a toaster in the bathtub = jacuzzi party! …wait… are you angry because I said that or because the kid might be dumb enough to fall for it?

Jim Says, in 8-22-2007 at 13:36:42 from    

I understand. If my 360 broke I would do whatever it takes to get it to work. anything is better then a PS3. *shutters*

edude03 Says, in 8-22-2007 at 13:57:24 from    

Hmmm, not to get all scientific, but, I did this once with a transformer and some pure- non-ionizing water once (it didn’t conduct electricity) because I was using a 150w transformer with a device that needed more than that so I froze the water and put the transformer in. Maybe if he wasn’t from an apparently stupid part of the world he would have done something like this.

Though, I wonder if the 360 power brick would work under water? Hmmm

Sam Says, in 8-22-2007 at 14:37:34 from    

This was bad you gotta feel sorry about the whole thing, yes it was stupid, but some kids don’t know. or do not understand AC vs. DC. now some do.

but the real thing here is the bad design of the xbox360 to start with, and it overheating, if designed properly we would not be reading about this and the 14year might still be alive because i say “might” because who knows he might of did something else stupid like thinking he is superman and jumping off a 6 story-building.

Sam Says, in 8-22-2007 at 14:39:15 from    

oops. i thought he kileld himself.

well i guess he learnt, get a PS3.

G Says, in 8-22-2007 at 14:40:41 from    

Well.. he DOES live in North Carolina.

sabri Says, in 8-22-2007 at 14:55:33 from    

He is only 14, give him a break. Least you can do is hope he learned his lesson and is doing better.

Lupes Knows Something Says, in 8-22-2007 at 15:12:09 from    

Lupes: In your attempt to be funny you missed something – putting the XBOX in the freezer would actually work very well.

You could cut tiny bits out of the insulation for the cord and as long as the door stayed shut there wouldn’t be excessive condensation. Tiny bits of condensation aren’t going to hurt things, anyway.

I could link you to many examples but I’m lazy/at work/notgivingadamn.

The easiest way this kid could have done it would be to point a fan directly at the unit.

If that doesn’t work, pull the unit apart and make sure there isn’t huge gobs of thermal grease on the processor.

Given the fact that this kid was dumb enough to wrap his XBOX in plastic and tape and dunk it in water I doubt he’d actually be able to open an XBOX without destroying it.

Mik Says, in 8-22-2007 at 16:24:30 from    

For the people calling this guy a dumbass.

He took his precautions, which didnt work out for him. He at least wrapped it in clingfilm and tape, But obviously didnt make it totally water-proof. He used his brain with what logic he had and now hes learnt the lesson. Shows the kids experimental, and hes willing to do things at whatever cost (Im assuming he may of known the consequences for doing such a things by the fact of using clingfilm)

Theres too many people who like to put others down, But each to their own.

If we didnt experience things we wouldnt have commodities like electricity. etc. in the first place.

Tim S Says, in 8-22-2007 at 16:45:13 from    

The 360 power supply has a fan/air flow systems that cools some internal heat sinks. Air is sucked into one end of the power supply and is blown out the other end. Wrapping the power supply in clingwrap would do more harm than good even if it was put into water without incident.

Lucas Says, in 8-22-2007 at 16:48:33 from    

He is a dumbass !!! He is 14 and doesn’t know so obviuos things ?? If somebody puts anything in water when plugged in and switched on – MUST be some kind of retarded man – and for Mik – ehhh, maybe if he was 5 years old, that would excuse him, he is 14 – he is dumb.
If he would die – I would say – natural selection :) But on the other hand – if he wouldn’t do it – I wouldn’t have today reason to laugh :)

baz 10k Says, in 8-22-2007 at 17:26:14 from    

PMSL!! I mean if the kid was like 6 it wouldn’t be funny, but he was 14.
Stay in school kids!! xD

Joe blow Says, in 8-22-2007 at 18:47:06 from    

Yah.. I’ve done some pretty stupid things when I was younger. Most kids if they were like me, try things and learn from them. I know not to put a server array in water to help keep it cool now.. But really, would anyone learn if they didn’t do stupid things when they were young?

At least it shows that the kid wasn’t just stupid. He was smart enough to figure out that Water would remove heat faster then air and attempted to seal the power brick before he put it in the water which shows some understanding that water and electricity don’t mix.

Regardless he is 14 people.. Still a stupid move.. but he learned from it :)

Smurph Says, in 8-22-2007 at 19:34:30 from    

I almost blew my face off with an explosive of my own design (Miscalculated the fuse length, etc.) I was actually 11 or 12 at the time. Needless to say, I don’t make that mistake anymore.

I’ve also gotten shocked from quite a few electronic devices. Thankfully, I haven’t had any especially life-threatening experiences, despite repairing quite a few CRT-based display devices without discharging the capacitors.

But I digress. The simple fact of this matter is that people simply refuse to accept the responsibility for their own shortcomings.

Clearly the world should change the way it does things because some retard f*cked another retard and produced a doubly-retarded kid who acted retarded.

This will get laughed out of court and the retarded mother will likely have to take some sort of parenting class.

Eli Says, in 8-22-2007 at 19:50:07 from    

When I was four I stuck a fork in an outlet.

sirk salguod Says, in 8-22-2007 at 21:35:41 from    

My brother put his penis in an outlet when he was 3 yrs old.

asdf Says, in 8-23-2007 at 01:01:23 from    

Sam said,
on August 22nd, 2007 at 2:39 pm
oops. i thought he kileld himself.
well i guess he learnt, get a PS3.

I’m sure buying a ps3 would have prevented everything even though it also overheats. And maybe the kid should have tried ice in a bag instead of putting it in water.

DogaYonv Says, in 8-23-2007 at 03:02:13 from    

He should have pee’d on it to cool it down LOL

James Says, in 8-23-2007 at 03:51:18 from    

Stupid bloody kid…

Even without the water, is wrapping the power brick in plastic thus covering the vents supposed to be a good idea?!

The only times I’ve electricuted myself is when I’ve been working on something and brushed my hand against something I shouldn’t have.

That kid should have known better than to stick a power cord in water… That’s a seriously lack in common sense.

EmperorPenguin Says, in 8-23-2007 at 04:26:38 from    

i’m 21 years old and i still haven’t learn that i shouldn’t mix electricity and water togeter.. Instead i cool my comp with water ;)

difference is that i know what i’m doing and seems that he didn’t.

Maybe he did read that powersuply can be cooled with water, and cause he didn’t know anything about water cooling systems he did what he did..

nomies Says, in 8-23-2007 at 04:56:26 from    

“Lupes: In your attempt to be funny you missed something – putting the XBOX in the freezer would actually work very well.”

No it wouldn’t. The freezer takes several hours to get as cold as it is. The compressor in it cannot remove heat from the box as fast as the XBOX is putting heat into the box.

Your fridge/freezer would eventually just thaw and become a heating box instead, trapping the heat from the console. Don’t believe me? Just put two or three 60 W bulbs into a fridge and try it out.

If I could get a penny every time I hear some shmuck suggest the idea of “put your computer in an box made out of heat insulating materials – that’ll solve your overheating problems”…

MaXKiLLz911 Says, in 8-23-2007 at 08:26:36 from    

I remember trying to clean the dust out from the inside of a 13″ black & white tube TV using a small brush with a metal handle when I was like 12. Needless to say, I survived the shock which one of the capacitors delivered. I’ve never opened the back of a TV since.

Darchangeldavid Says, in 8-23-2007 at 10:11:11 from    

Wow what a stupid thing to do. You would think that by 14 a kid knows that water is a conductor of electricity and the two should not be played with together. I guess it just goes to show that our school system and the level of common sense in our children sucks. The Xbox needs to switch to a reliable liquid cooling system and stop jerking us gamers around. This way we won’t have stupid children killing themselves trying to solve the issue on their own.

Henry Sterling Says, in 8-23-2007 at 10:29:39 from    

Well, it was rather stupid chucking the power supply in water, but I have to agree with a previous poster: maybe he read about water cooling systems somewhere, and jumped to a dumb conclusion. Water is routinely used in cooling systems, afterall.

In fact, the massive magnets and transformers at CERN’s LHC (and previous particle accelerators) are cooled directly with distilled water. Pure, de-ionised water does not conduct electricity. A compound must disassociate into ions before it conducts electricity, but water only does so to a tiny extent. Everyday tap water conducts because it contains ionic inpurities. These ions acts as charge carriers.

David Says, in 8-23-2007 at 11:49:34 from    

Finally we have someone who is brave enough to take the initiative and forge ahead to play games even when all the odds are against him. The tape and the plastic bag show a true understanding of the imminent danger of water and electronics. I wish I could have only watch the wince on his face prior to the submersion.

Jogar the Barbarian Says, in 8-23-2007 at 12:04:29 from    

Wow! What a preponderance of cruel and mean people on this forum, with a few exceptions. Everyone is blaming the kid for being dumb when the very fact he was trying his best to solve the problem represents the intellectual curiosity that makes anyone smarter. (well, if it doesn’t kill you, anyway) You could just as well fault the parents for not supervising better. My only complaint with the boy is that he didn’t consult his parents with his idea before undertaking it.

Laurence Says, in 8-24-2007 at 11:15:54 from    

Anyone trying to defend this kid is just as clueless. You can call it problem solving or intuitive thinking all you like, it doesn’t change the fact that he overlooked the one major problem with his plan: water + electricity. Last I checked clingfilm and tape weren’t good waterproofing materials, they both loose their adhesion when wet.

Learning by experience is fine, but something as basic as electrical safety need to be learned through teaching (you know, the whole danger of death thing *rolls eyes*).

Will: You are fucking stupid. Anyone who thinks that having the common sense not to stick metal objects into a socket is “being raised in a bubble” must be a complete dumbass. We just had more than two brain cells to rub together. I can understand at a young age like 5/6, but by then you should have recieved some kind of warning from your parents.

Zac Says, in 8-24-2007 at 12:27:50 from    

The kid was 14-years old. He is obviously a moron. Natural Selection failed us this time, oh well.

Oldman Says, in 8-25-2007 at 11:23:01 from    

Just seems to be that the guys here are Gen X’ers or Y’s.

These are the kids who never took an independent decision till they got into their mid 20s or later. So, Zaratustra, I am with you. The folks here didnt do anything dumb, not because they were smart, but because they had their childhood stolen from them, thanks to their overbearing parents, who are probably div by now, because of their overbearingness.

max Says, in 8-27-2007 at 03:35:59 from    

At the end of the day, he’s probably spent less time in the hospital then you wankers have arguing about stuff like this online.

SlyGuRu Says, in 8-28-2007 at 08:07:28 from    

Wow, people these days dont know water and electricity dont mix. THE END IS NEAR! EVERYBODY PRAY FOR MERCY!

ME Says, in 8-29-2007 at 19:37:05 from    

You people are horrible! You do realize that you are wishing a 14 year old child dead right? 99% of you are going to hell.

SavonLeon Says, in 8-31-2007 at 20:44:59 from    

Microsoft, hear this.

Put some nice Liquid Cooling Solutions on your next XBOX.
It should not drip even when flipped over at unnatural angles.
The coolant should be non-toxic. Ingestion should pose no problems.
The cooling fans should not be able to cut a kid’s finger even if inserted all the way through.

Or, take a hint from this kid, and make a submersible kit.

Anonymous Says, in 8-31-2007 at 23:01:29 from    

I understand that learning from experience can be quite valuable. People learn many things through experience as they grow up. Like the price of lying, or not to hit people. Most of the time anyway.

On the other hand, a lot of the more basic things, like mixing electricity with water tend to happen when you’re a lot younger. Most people don’t learn this through experience, they learn this through common sense. Perhaps maybe when they’re ten, or even twelve.

This kid was fourteen. I can either surmise that he was stupid enough not to pay attention when he was being taught by teachers/parents/whoever that electricity and water do not mix, or his parents were stupid enough not to inform him of this. It could have been either way.

Go on about it as long as you want. You can certainly say he’s feeling the price for making such a stupid mistake. The common thing to do is NOT to experiment with things like that unless you know what you’re doing. Even if he wasn’t taught (which is possible) about the warning, he should have had at least the common sense to CHECK first. If he was eight, I could understand. But he’s fourteen.

I would LOVE to know who taught him that tape was a good water-proofer. Guess he’s never seen the effect of water on tape.

But again, he probably should have checked before covering the blasted thing in tape in the first place.

It’s not truly the mother’s fault if she did teach him. He’s fourteen, he’s old enough to not need to be supervised 24/7.

I’m more impressed that he took such minor damage.

But what impresses me more is that a group of people have so much free time that they just go on and make malicious comments about things like this, crying Darwin at every point. You DO realise that most likely, by Darwin’s rule, a lot of you would probably be dead as well, right?

Microsoftie Says, in 9-1-2007 at 19:17:28 from    

I hope microsoft reads this story, has some sympathy, and sends the kid a new XBOX with the RROD fixes.

It is ridiculous how hot the xbox gets.

asdf Says, in 9-3-2007 at 01:56:37 from    

“Microsoftie said,

on September 1st, 2007 at 7:17 pm

I hope microsoft reads this story, has some sympathy, and sends the kid a new XBOX with the RROD fixes.

It is ridiculous how hot the xbox gets.”

They replace everyone’s xbox for free now. It’s just the kid was impatient and didn’t want to wait a couple of weeks.

scott Says, in 9-3-2007 at 02:48:04 from    

am i one of the few children who has enough brains not to do stupid crap with electricty i have an xbox 360 and all i do to cool it is i bought this thing called an intercooler it is made so u dont do stupid sh=t like this lol

Willie Says, in 9-5-2007 at 22:17:10 from    

Pure water doesnt conduct electricity. but beside the point. leaving an Xbox in an open well ventilated area and once a week using some of the dust spray. Ive been to peoples house and the Xbox was in an area that was barley the size of the xbox and people cant understand why they run hot.

Also at 14 he should have known. a respondsible parent would have made sure he knew dangers around the home. When I was 6-7 my mom had me cleaning and would teach me what cleaners where “safe” to be around and which where not.

123 Says, in 9-8-2007 at 19:26:44 from    

If I wanted to do a makeshift cooling solution I would’ve rather used table fans or something, one should not be dumb enough at the age of 14 to mix water with electricity

jeff Says, in 9-15-2007 at 18:15:22 from    

ok i can understand trying to find newer and better ways to cool your electriconics but freaking water man comon atleast use sumthing that doesnt conduct electricty like idk… mineral oil, vegatable oil, oil, uh idk i cooler and a fire ext. sumthing that when mixed with pluged in wires doesnt usually equal death and large bolts of lightning to shoot through your arm and throw u 15 feet across the room

Dustin Says, in 10-8-2007 at 17:04:30 from    

Ten bucks says this kid wraps his dick in saran-wrap as a make-shift condom when he’s older.

jsoccerpunkj Says, in 10-20-2007 at 12:17:47 from    

He probly got so stupif from playing that X-Box 360 all day idiot

CCSU360 Says, in 12-21-2007 at 17:44:21 from    

Yeah be it dumb, but you are very shelterd if you have never got shocked. Forget just a bubble, try a enclosed room with no exit. And, for thoes who dont have a 360, you cant say it sucks if you have never OWNED it! You just cant PLAY 1 to know if its GOOD OR NOT!!

Myself Says, in 1-2-2008 at 01:45:03 from    

im guessing microsoft wouldnt do anyth
ing about it cause he broke warrenty lol why cant he call that little numb
er on the xbox and get it fixed for free i mean they did issue a 3 year warrenty for shit like that

racervison Says, in 1-19-2008 at 01:02:52 from    

if he was smart he should of just asked his mom to do it for him hahaha water and elect stupid kid i hope you read this text get off the game idiot and go to school. the power supply isn’t over heating you dumb ass is not even in the xbox what you want cold watter get it “watter”to run through the cord of your xbox shit and do us all gamers a favor “don’t get another xbox 360 in your life because we don’t wont your death in our hands next time get a ps3 it doesnt have Enif power to kill you becuse your an ps kid you can tell anybody how is used to playing ps3 or ps whould do samething that you did so dont feel bad thats why thy put the playstation 3 power suply inside that sorry shit

sirlanceem Says, in 1-21-2008 at 00:33:58 from    

LMFAO what a noobie lol did the think the plastic and tape would protect the psu from the water??!?!??!

Ltleon Says, in 1-27-2008 at 20:45:00 from    

actually i something similar happen to me when i was like 4 or 5 i used to get keys alot and stick them in the sockets and shock my self until i was bored

Berndog31 Says, in 2-7-2008 at 12:54:26 from    

There is something to be said for natural selection. If any child is struggling to survive video games….god help him through the rest of adolescence!

SKUD Says, in 2-19-2008 at 15:01:42 from    

I truly believe the blame is on the parents, yes you could leave a 14 yr old home alone and not have to worry, h3ll when I was 13 I ran away from home(my parents were not capable of raising me) and I’ve raised myself since. But if this kid is dumb enough to try that, then his own mother should know better then to leave him by himself, at least not without locked cabinets, socketcovers, rubber corners, some padded walls and a helmet! He clearly doesnt know how to waterproof something, let alone comprehend what happens when you add water, electricity and little fingers. If I was some kind of authority, and was there at the time, I swear I’d take that child away. It said he had a pan, well we all know whats gonna happen next……..”It’s hot kid don’t touch it”……..”Ouch”"Ouch it burns”…….. someone trade that kids systems in for some stuffed animals and a Barney tape.

NoUserName Says, in 2-19-2008 at 21:05:55 from    

Why didn’t a fuse in the XBOX pop 1st? They are meant for children, so the fuses should be sized fairly conservatively (i.e. more likely to pop if there’s a surge than electrocute a kid).
That said, who didn’t ever try to pop a fuse (or circuit breaker)? Hair clips work great and are innocuous enough that your folks don’t know it’s you. I take my dad’s advice (as apparently did the kid) which is to only ever use one hand when playing w/ electricity (don’t ground yourself across the heart).

I also recently (luckily w/o damage since I shorted it on something other than me…) found out about 220V circuits (1st time trying to do home electrical maintainance). Who would’ve guessed that things other than clothes dryers don’t run off of 115V and that the circuit is just polarized in reverse when it’s off…

ICCY B Says, in 2-27-2008 at 13:15:54 from    

wow get a lyf u obbsiously made mistakes when u guys were young and dunt say u didnt kuz every1 did if not your not a very good parent if u are 1 or ur not a very good person kuz people become good people afta they learn frum their mistakes get a lyf and stop judgeing people

waitingnwaiting Says, in 3-1-2008 at 13:30:12 from    

u guys r being so mean. some1 could have died and u guys r being so cold-hearted.

debbiekind Says, in 4-1-2008 at 11:52:52 from    

Are all of to guys so very cold that you did not even care about the boy?? I put the blame the one the game company. My grow sons just got high speed 4 months ago and on Sunday they got the ring of death on their Xbox 360. The company knows the thing has a thing about staying cool. The kid was so happy to get one he was just not thinking. I have watchs both sons playing these games, and a lot of there frieds on-line left messages saying they had to send their Xboxs 360 to the company to get fixed and they would be off for a month or more. These grow men and boys were not mad at the company, but were upset about the time being off the game??? I think the companys put something in the games to make all who play lose their minds. thank you

Englishrebel Says, in 4-14-2008 at 02:43:28 from    

All of you people are horrible.

You just read about a 14 year old boy almost died, FOURTEEN! Yet you laugh at the situation as if it were a joke.

sure it may not affect your life. Think if it was your little brother. Or Son..


EXCEPT for Debbiekind.

Ryan Says, in 5-23-2008 at 15:25:58 from    

I’m 14 and I’m sitting in the dark with sunglasses on and listening to jazz! I knew kids my age were stupid but come on! People are too sheltered get out and fcuk around the neighborhood…it’s fun and you won’t turn out backward and inept of carrying on a conversation with another human without mentioning halo or GTA, video games are a huge cause of social anxiety disorder…so what ever, keep playing them and turn out a little backward brat, seen them at school, it’s very common now-a-days. So sad…

ommidiam Says, in 6-18-2008 at 15:21:14 from    

that was the parants fault. get that kid outside more doppy. what the hell are these kids learning these days? THE T.V. TOLD ME TOO!!!!!! THAT BLOG SAID SO!!!!!

kj Says, in 9-1-2008 at 09:09:31 from    

u may say eck its just a kid its a simple mistake but hes 14 yrs old!!! im fifteen and wud never even dream of doin summink so stupid! and besides i own a ps3 xbox r ok but im a big sony and msg fan

ff9andasl Says, in 9-16-2008 at 14:00:43 from    

I admit water was not the best idea. But guys hes fourteen and went to the hospital give him some respect. Don’t joke about a fatal thing.

nightgamer360 Says, in 9-22-2008 at 15:40:00 from    

living proof people in north carolina are inbred and retarded (and the south in general).
its someone in north carolina guys lol. give inbred jed a break.

kh1069 Says, in 9-28-2008 at 13:28:59 from    

ff9andasl: No one’s joking about a ‘fatal thing’. If it were fatal the kid would be dead. What you meant was “Don’t joke about a *potentially fatal* thing”. At any rate, idiots come in all ages. Idiocy such as this isn’t acceptable after the age of 5 or so. Unless, the kid was raised by mentally-challenged baboons.

eboch3030 Says, in 10-8-2008 at 13:45:21 from    

Most of you ppl are wrong when it comes to the 360s design. I,v had to take mine apart to add an extra 50 mb of storage ond it is well organised in side their. And thats comeing from an 13 year old. But yes it was stupid for that kid to put it in water but I’m prety shour hes learnd hi lesion.

GOD Says, in 12-14-2008 at 18:59:49 from    

REALLY!!,I created humans 6000 years ago,And this is how far you have gotten.

Hey Says, in 12-20-2008 at 19:01:36 from    

wow, everyone here is as stupid as you think this kid is. do you not realize that he wrapped the power brick in plastic to PREVENT getting shocked? its very clear that he knows how water and electricity mix…

someone Says, in 1-18-2009 at 12:26:30 from    

natural selection was at work here. paramedics should of let retardo die!

Jesus Says, in 1-28-2009 at 12:44:28 from    

Your son is an idiot

Darwin Says Says, in 2-14-2009 at 01:59:57 from    

For all of you making fun of my theory, how dare you! It was the anniversary of my 200th birthday yesterday, a very important day in history.

deeerwin Says, in 4-4-2009 at 13:12:52 from    

he forgot to make that shit leakproof, lol.
even then the condensation would still make it unsafe later on.

kids do this if you’re stupid, thanx

tammy_irvin Says, in 6-1-2009 at 12:12:25 from    

I hope the people posting wishful thoughts of death for a kid who made a big mistake have no children of there own because I would hate to hear about your way of dealing with ignorance!!!

Rjp3000 Says, in 6-9-2009 at 02:09:50 from    

Stupid kid I’m 13 and I learned electricity is dangerous when I was four. one word dzzzzzzzz.
Oh and speaking of xbox 360’s add me on live

my gamertag is: Rjp3000

Rjp3000 Says, in 6-9-2009 at 02:12:04 from    

oh oops actually its 1:11 so I guess I’m 14 actually todays my birthday yay!!!!!!!!

eddie Says, in 8-31-2009 at 16:56:39 from    

wooooooooow wat a dumbass

poooop Says, in 12-19-2009 at 06:41:37 from    

holy moly! he was 14?

Ph03nix Says, in 6-4-2010 at 03:51:53 from    

My parents said the bubble was because everyone was sick..not because of the shiny outlets in wall…

iknimaya Says, in 12-3-2010 at 16:21:24 from    

*music cuts in”
First post, powered toy;
Second post, stupid boy;
Dumb-ass mistake,
I’d not do it,
neither would I.

Plastic bubble
Knives in sockets
Parents are being degraded.
I hate gamers,
I hate haters,
I hate X-Box and Wii.

We didn’t start the flame war,
Peeps were hatin’ on it ‘fore we left our comment…

We didn’t start the flame war,
Let the whole world know that I’m a big asshole…

*Music fades*

Thank you everyone, and goodnight.

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