Madden NFL 08 Cheats – Tips And Tricks

Madden nfl 08The newly released Madden NFL 08 is much more than just a visual upgrade from Madden 07.

The most immediate things you may notice while playing your first game is the new player weapon system. This lets players decipher who the playmakers are on the team, as well as which ones are good in certain situations. There are twenty weapons, ranging from a press coverage defensive back to an accurate quarterback, and cover all facets of the game. Not all players are a weapon, thus giving the honor of being one a pretty big deal. Before the snap of the ball, the weapons on the field are highlighted for each team. This is done with an icon that appears under each special player. By seeing these playmakers before the snap, you can adjust your defense or offense to prevent or exploit mismatches. If you’re playing on defense and see a big weapon on the other team’s offense, you might want to set another defender to pay a little more attention to that player.

Once the ball is snapped all of the icons disappear and the play resumes as usual. If a quarterback has a strong rating in throwing power, then he is labeled as a Cannon Arm QB. Every weapon has it’s own set of strengths and weaknesses. The Cannon Arm QB skill is very good at launching the deep ball or throwing a bullet pass over the middle, but on the other hand, the same quarterback may not be able to put the ball where he wants it to go. Thus resulting in off passes, sometimes flying over the receivers head or in the arms of a defensive back. The game has information on each weapon class, as well as good tips on how to counter them while on the field.

Here is some of the currently found unlockables. Cheats will be added as they are found so check back soon.

Unlockable——————————–How To Unlock It.

1 Catch by Seven Players (20) Catch one pass with seven players.
10 Catches with One Player (15) Get 10 receptions with One Player.
100 Rec Yards with 2 Players (15) Get 100 reception yards by two players.
100 Rush Yards with Two Players (30) Get 100 rushing yards with two players.
150 Rush Yards in One Qtr (25) Get 150 yards or more rushing in one quarter with one player.
20 Completions in a Row (25) Get 20 completions in a row with one player.
200 Pass Yards (10) Get 200 passing yards in a game.
200 Receiving Yards (25) Get 200 receiving yards with one player.
250 Rush Yards (25) Rush for 250 yards with one player in one game.
3 2pt Conversions Rushing (35) Rush for three 2 point conversions in one game.
300 Pass Yards (10) Achieve 300 passing yards in one game.
4 TD Passes (10) Throw 4 touchdown passes in one game.
40 Yard Field Goal (15) Kick a 40 or more yard field goal.
50 Yard Field Goal (20) Kick a 50 yard or more field goal.
60 Yard Pass (15) Complete a 60 yard pass.
650 Yards on Offense (30) Get 650 yards on offense. Max 5min Qtr.
8 Tackles with One Player (10) Get 8 tackles with one player in one game.
80 Yard Run (35) Complete an 80 yard run.
Average 20 Yards Receiving (25) Average 20 yards receiving with one player in one game.
Complete 25 Passes (30) Complete 25 passes in one game.
Force 3 Fumbles (10) Force 3 fumbles with one player.
Intercept 3 Passes (20) Get 3 interceptions in one game.
No Dropped Passes (20) Don’t drop a pass for an entire game. Min 5min Qtr.
Recover 2 Fumbles (25) Recover 2 fumbles in one game with one player.

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