Backyard bird photography how to hide and get close photos

Backyard birding setup
The closer you can get to your backyard birds the better your photographs can be. In this video we learn how to setup a feeding station to draw in the birds and what type of hunting blind to use.

Setting up a great bird feeding station will bring in a larger selection of yard birds to get photos of. Supply them with plenty of food and some branches to rest on and the bird will get comfortable quickly.

Make sure you set up you bird blind in a position to get the best lighting on the feeders. Also pay close attention to your background to get the most pleasing and natural scenery so not to distract the eye from the birds themselves in the photos.

Leave your bird blind out at the location for a few days first to get the birds used to it. By doing this the birds will stay longer at the feeders and not act as erratic. You will get more keeper shots as the birds get used to hearing your cameras shutter clicks. Soon they won’t seem to notice you there at all.

This method of yard bird photography takes some time to setup and master. That being said, you should find it well worth the effort when those great bird shots appear on your computer screen.

You can find bird blinds similar to the one he used here. Also you can find the bird feeders here.

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