Sony A6300 – Looking at the good and bad problems with the new 4K camera

Sony A6300 camera review and breakdown video
This is a Sony A6300 Review video with breakdown and issues. The A6300 is an amazing mirrorless camera for photographers and videographers with a couple of problems.

No one camera is perfect but the Sony A6300 on paper looks to comes close with a 24MP sensor, 425 AF points with great coverage, 11fps shooting, 4k video with focus peaking, slog-3, and a host of other video and photo features with tons of customization.

Well so, let’s see how this amazing camera on paper performs in the real world in this Sony A6300 breakdown and review video. And yes, it did overheat on him too like my A6300 does when over 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can find the Sony A6300 here with next day shipping as an option if needed.

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