All The Smoovie Stabilizer Videos On One Page With Reviews And Help

Smoovie Video Stabilizer Tips and Help
If you haven’t gotten your Smoovie yet or you want to learn how to use it better. These help, tips and tricks to working your Smoovie video stabilizer for mobile phones and GoPro.

These are video people have posted on youtube to show off their Smoovie videography skills. There are also unboxing videos, people trying them out for the first time, and people getting pissed at not being able to get the Smoovie to work correctly.

So far it seems to be about 50-50 on whether the Smoovie works or not. Many people are very disappointed with the results they are getting and feel you are better off just hand holding your phone for video.

Here are some quotes from Smoovie backers so far giving their opinions on the Smoovie stabilizer.

” Matt Dowling – Just got mine, and really disappointed. I have an iPhone 6s Plus, and its just too heavy.
I really wish this was made clear in the original campaign.
Oh, well, something else for eBay :-(”

” Ro Naval Bautista –
I was able to put the smoovie thru its paces. ..

1) the magnets do not keep the smoovie balanced. It’s more the extended counter weight.
2) it’s how you balance it that determines the smoothness of your filming.
3) what sold me on the smoovie was the magnet that was supposed to HELP stabilize the smoothie. (BIG DISAPPOINTMENT)
4) For the price.. it is what it is. What are we to complain about.
5) will i buy a revised version? Possibly… but i won’t buy the current version again… those magnets are a joke. Absolutely NO STABILIZATION!
5a) How you handle the smoovie IS the stabilization! !
6) what was represented in the campaign with the selling points.. we did not receive.
6a)We received another version.

*just MY 2 cents*”

” Andy Watt – Got mine! One or two things to mention:
1. The iPhone 6s Plus (which has a spectacular camera for shooting footage) doesn’t fit in the spring loaded holder(!!) – the holder won’t stretch far enough! Luckily I have a spare from another selfie stick which screws onto the camera mount fitting.
2. The weight needs to be just slightly heavier for the iPhone 6s Plus: can I suggest some kind of removable sleeve based weights system which would sit on top of the existing weight, allowing carefully balanced weighting to give more stability for different handsets?

I can luckily create these myself: I can see the smoovie doing a lot of work in the near future on band performance videos!”

If you are not happy with your Smoovie you may want to check out these Smartphone Video Stabilizers that are Compatible with GoPro and other action cameras here on the cheap.

One thought on “All The Smoovie Stabilizer Videos On One Page With Reviews And Help

  1. I would like to know whether iPhone with external add-on lens can be stabilized with Smoovie?

    Klink: After using one for a few weeks I found it to be junk for all by light action cameras. I would save my money and get one of these for a little more and be happy.

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