Cheapest Way To Add A Headphone Jack To Sony a6300 Camera

Add headphone jack to Sony A6300
The Sony A6300 does not come with a built in headphone jack but don’t let that stop you from monitoring your sound. So far there is not a super cheap add-on but this is the least expensive way I have found.

In this video Ryan Grams shows us the 3 items it took for him to get his headphones connected to his a6300 camera. The thing is you can get by with buying on 2 items to connect your headphones.

The video walks you through the setup and the setting you use on the a6300 to give you the correct sound out. You just won’t need the extra mini HDMI to HDMI connector. The 2 items you now need to buy is listed under the video below.

These are the only 2 items you need to buy to add a headphone out to Sony a6300 with volume control.

Micro HDMI to VGA with Audio Adapter Cable Converter Find Here

FiiO E6 Portable Audio Headphone Amplifier with volume control Find Here.

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