Why Do I Get Motion Sickness From Playing Video Games

Motion Sickness Do you get a little sick and feel dizzy headed after or during video game play? Don’t feel bad about it because many people experience this uneasy feeling.

The term commonly used for that variety of motion sickness has been called simulator sickness, and even though a few studies have tried to determine its cause, nobody is quite sure why it happens.

It doesn’t just affect gamers. A 1995 report by the U.S. Army Research Institute discovered that nearly half the military pilots who used flight simulators developed this aftereffect. Ten percent of those studied had symptoms lasting over four hours.

Simulator sickness tends to occur when there is a argument in the brain between what you’re seeing and what your inner ear says is actually happening. One theory about motion sickness is that because the area postrema portion of the brain associates the visual and balance discrepancy with hallucination. When you see things that aren’t there it is often a sign of poison in the body which is why some people vomit after riding in the back seat of a car for too long.

What will remedy this sick feeling ? You can try sitting farther away from the screen so that it doesn’t fill the majority of your field of vision. Also, repetition often helps you get over it. After enough exposure to dizzying graphical motions, your brain learns that you don’t die from poison every time you play a first-person shooter, and eventuality you may be able to play your new Halo game comfortably.

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