Veterinarian Finds Wii Remote In Family Dog

Dog Wii Remote The Becknell family from Loveland, CO became extremely concerned when their 3 year old Labrador Retriever started spiting up blood. The X-rays from there emergency visit to the vet showed a mass in the dogs stomach. After reviewing the X-rays with family they agreed it was probably an old remote that they had been letting the dog use as a chew toy.

The Vet gave the dog one teaspoon of Syrup of Ipecac and shortly there after the Lab started vomiting up the contents of his stomach. As expected up came the remote but it was just chunks of the remote. The dog had chewed the remote into little pieces and that wasn’t the mass in the X-ray.

“The Vet started massaging the dogs belly and it just came flying out of the dog,” said Marie Becknell. I knew what it was right away by the color and shape of it. It was my son’s video game remote. The dog had swallowed the boy’s Nintendo Wii remote controller.

“The dog spent the night at the Vet and boy’s punishment for leaving the controller out was two weeks allowance to replace the Wii remote” , said Mrs. Becknell. The dog was fine but the remote had to be tossed.

Source was the RMC.

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